Chemistry and Space!

Just a quick note about a recent launch of suborbital rocket that was using lithium trails to help scientists observer events in space. Currently looking into what these scientists might be trying to see using lithium vapor. More to come!

article from Wallops that launched the rocket:


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2 responses to “Chemistry and Space!”

  1. Chemjobber says :

    Chemtrails in spaaaaaaace! Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! (kidding)

  2. STEM_Wonk says :

    haha, but no really, that is truly what everyone else is thinking because in every single article I am reading basically “don’t freakout, it won’t hurt you, it will turn into lithium oxides!” but oh, my question is how is it that people instantly feel safer at the mention of lithium oxides?…. perplexing paradox

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