What is a mechanism?

Here is a “links and will get back to these in more detail soon” post!

The month of June disappeared incredibly fast…

A lab-mate of mine showed me this site today and basically, we need more websites like this to help students learn how to solving mechanisms! Even if you haven’t taken an organic chemistry course, but are curious about what organic chemists think about when we talk about “mechanisms”. I think that this website would still be a great way to pick up what a mechanism might be about! (although, an understanding of functional group and basic rules about electron pushing is needed, but nothing that perhaps quick google search can’t help you with!)

Named Organic Reactions: An Interactive Guide http://www.chem.ox.ac.uk/vrchemistry/NOR/default.htm
this is definitely excellent work by Matthew Smith and Chloe Yu at the University of Oxford.

I would also like to bring your attention to a couple of organic mechanisms on Wikipedia that now have animations! Ritter Reaction and Appel Reaction.

A few other things that came out last week or in the past couple of weeks or actually perhaps this past month that I have been interested in:

A new initiative out of the White House: Materials Genome Initiative. This combines the advantages in computational modeling with experimental tools to decrease the time for materials to move from lab to market. It is meant to create a new culture of a more cohesive field of Materials Engineering so that predicative models can be more accurate and resonate with experimental results. It is exciting to have this new era of materials development.

House passes H.R. 1249, the America Invents Act. Hopefully this will revamp the patent system so that the patent process is no longer a barrier and a burden to go through. Something that I am interested in learning more about is the process of tech transfer. To get a better understanding for the process of moving findings in to lab out to the consumer.


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